Subway tiles have ever gained a high reputation in interior designs since 1904, owning to their versatility. Most homeowners also prefer to use it to create attractive designs because it is sanitary and valuable. Click here to learn more about the Best design for Subway Tiles.

Without a doubt, subway tiles have the highest demand for covering kitchen and bathroom walls with unique designs that can transform the entire building. Subway tiles are also great options for covering the walls other spaces and settings like butcher shops.

Subway tiles feature an incredibly high quality that can brighten up any interior space, no matter the size. I agree there are still many other reasons that make people prefer these tiles over others. Yet, this feature makes them the best option for any homeowner or interior designer who wants to renovate the kitchen, bathroom, and even the entire building. 

Meanwhile, you need to note that subway tiles are not for covering kitchen and bathroom walls alone. However, you can use them to create excellent designs to beautify any wall space in the entire building. 

Still talking about what makes subway tiles homeowners favourite, they are resistant to stains and easy to clean, making them easier to maintain. Aside from the fact that these tiles are family-friendly, they are also budget-friendly and timeless. In addition to that, subway tiles are very versatile. They offer a wide range of patterns, arrangements, sizes and colours. Gone are the days when people restricted them to the metropolitan subway. These days they are always on every renovation list for modern houses and elegant spaces.

Now, having known that subway tiles come in various sizes and colours, how do you choose the right ones to create your preferred designs? Here is good news, I have the correct answer to your question. In this article, you will unveil how to choose subway tiles for different home designs and decors. Furthermore, I have compiled five professional tips to guide you to make informed decisions at a crucial time. 

Meanwhile, choosing the suitable tiles for your design is crucial as it determines whether you will have a perfect finish or a shabby one. Are you ready to unveil the tips? Let’s get started.

1. Size 

The size of the subway tiles you choose to create your pattern is essential. From experience, professional designers put much emphasis on this fact. If you visit any professional interior design for professional advice, you cannot miss this critical notice. Perhaps, that is among the reasons it is standing on top of the list. 

More than every other thing, it is essential for you to choose a size that perfectly suits the dimension of the space on which you want to create the pattern. For subway tiles, 3 x 6 inches is the most common dimension. That is a comforting 1:2 ratio.

3 x 6 dimension is a suitable size for kitchen backsplashes. However, it might look somewhat busy on your bathroom walls. If you are tiling your bathroom, it is better to use 4 x 12 subway tiles. They offer a longer and leaner 1:3 ratio which guarantees lesser grout lines and provide a modern look and feel. Other sizes of subway tiles available include 4 x 16 inches and 4 x 24 inches.

2. Finish 

The finish of the tiles you intend to use for your design plays a crucial role in the overall look. You can choose either smooth, glossy, matte, metallic or more.

A glossy finish brings out the brightness of the space, making it look bolder and vibrant, but a matte finish gives a calmer and casual feel. I have noticed that some people prefer a metallic finish over the years because it looks more expensive and elegant. That is one of the reasons you will always find it in hotels. 

One of the advantages of metallic finish is that it allows you to combine the finish with a textured finish to achieve an attractive design and a more dramatic look. There is also a crackle finish that can bring you a classic flavour that projects old-time elegance.

3. Shape 

Another thing to watch out for when choosing the suitable subway tiles for your home design is the shape. Let’s go into the details.

Flat subway tiles with no frills or fuss are the ones you will always find in tiles stores very close to you. They seem to be the basic universal version. You can get them in a variety of sizes and colours. 

I have something that can stir up your interest in these tiles. You can use them to achieve whichever pattern you have in mind with little professionalism. They form an excellent backdrop for every other design feature and serve as a perfect complement to other interior design materials. 

The bevelled edges add more flavour and class to subway tiles to give you a unique look and feel at the renovation project’s end. Other fantastic options you may consider are uneven edges, sculptural and framed subway tiles.

4. Layout 

We have always emphasized that subway tiles are versatile and flexible. You can install them in multiple ways: stack bond, horizontal running bond, vertical running bond, vertical offset bond, herringbone, and diagonal offset to crosshatch. 

Before you decide on your preferred layout, make sure that you get familiar with the effects every design can bring to space. 

5. Colour 

Subway tiles are available in various colours, including blue-green, modern black, bright red, yellow, purple, classic white, and more. These comprehensive colour options allow you to choose your best shades. Still, you have to be careful about your choice as it determines how well you will achieve your desired effect. Different colours work for various purposes. Some colours will work best for you to elevate the mood, while others will enrich design or create a vibrant appearance.


Subway tiles are great options for interior designs. They offer a wide variety of choices to choose to create your desire pattern and designs. However, you need to ensure that you already know what you want to bring out with your design before deciding which colour or size works best for you.